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Outfitting Zupan's Markets:

For 28 years, ACME has designed environments that captivate and inspire. While this work continues, we've also embraced the opportunity to help our partners reimagine their business environments with public health in mind. This spring, we outfitted local businesses with custom protective barriers.

ACME teamed up with a local grocery chain, Zupan's Markets, to upgrade their three locations. Our team designed protective barriers for the flower counter, smoothie bar, cheese aisle, registers and coffee station. Zupans' new acrylic shields flow with each location, matching the look and feel. Together, we achieved storewide protection. As a result, customers and employees can enjoy Zupan's safely.

A Swift Solution for Concordia Chiropractic Center:

ACME is fortunate to have a dynamic team that responds to new challenges quickly. Earlier this month, our friends at Concordia Chiropractic Center came to us with an immediate need for upgrading their front offices. ACME designed, built and installed protective barriers within two days of their request. This allowed Concordia Chiropractic to continue their work without breaking stride. We are grateful for the opportunity to help local businesses like Concordia find a path forward.

Here to Help:

Due to the heightened awareness of airborne illness, these barriers may be needed for a long time. ACME is uniquely positioned to provide both custom and off-the-shelf solutions. Our studio in Portland employs qualified installers, designers and builders that can outfit any environment. Check out our online catalog of options like Face Shields and Sneeze Guards, or get a free custom quote by contacting us at


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